Solely Canadian

Custom Kydex 

Competition Holsters

Molds Available

Arsenal Strike 1

Beretta APX

Beretta 92 FS

Beretta M9A1/A3/Vertec

Beretta 92A1/96A1
Browning Hi Power
Canik TP9 SA/SF
Canik SFX 5"
Canik TP9 ELITE-Combat

CZ 75B                                               

CZ 75 SPO1 Phantom                       



CZ P-09 
CZ P10 C
CZ P10 F
FN 509

FNX 45 Tactical

FNS 40 5"  
Glock 17/22/31
Glock 17 Gen5
Glock 19/23/32
Glock 19x/G19Gen5
Glock 20/21                                       

Glock 26/27/33                                 

Glock 34                                             

Glock 41

Glock 48

H&K USP 9mm/40 FS                     

H&K USP 9mm/40 Cmp                 

H&K USP 45 FS                                

H&K USP 45 Cmp                            

H&K P30

HK P30L (long slide)

HK45 FS                                             

HK45 Cmp                                         

Hudson H9
Jericho 941 (steel frame)

Ruger American                      

Ruger GP100
S&W – M&P 9mm/40 FS                

S&W – M&P 9mm/40 Cmp            

S&W – M&P PRO 9mm/40

S&W - M&P PRO 5" 

S&W - M&P FS 2.0

S&W - M&P 5" 2.0

S&W – M&P 45 FS

S&W - 5906  

S&W - 5946                          

Sig P226R                                          

Sig P226                                             

Sig P226 Navy/MK 25/Combat

Sig P226r x5        

Sig P220R                  

Sig P220                    

Sig P225

Sig P228

Sig P229R E2

Sig P239

Sig P320 FS                            

Sig P320 Cmp

Sig 320 x5

Sig 1911 w/rail non Trad. Slide         

Springfield XDM 9mm/40sw

Steyr M9A1

SAM Thunderbolt/Seraphim Arch Angel  
STI Hawk 5.0
STI Edge 5"                                    

Walther PPQ 9mm

Walther PPQ M2 5"   

Walther PPQ M2 45 acp     

Walther P99 9mm 
Walther PPX 9mm
Walther PPQM2Q5Match
Walther PPQM2Q5Match (Steel frame)
1911 Gov’t 5”                                    

1911 w/rail 5”

1911 FR DBL Stack  

Colt 1911 M45 A1        

Non Lighted                             $90.00
Lighted Holster                       $100.00

Additional Cuts:
RMR/MOS cut to accommodate mounted optics.
RACE CUTS!!, Mid or Low cut.

Colours & Patterns
Black                           +$0.00
Colour                         +$15.00
Pattern                        +$25.00

*Mount Included in price
*LEO/Military Discounts Available!
*Taxes and shipping not included in the 
  price and will be added on to the invoice

*DOUBLE LAYERED AVAILABLE!. Outer-shell & inner-liner may be of different colors.
Or Patterned-Outer shell with Colored-liner.
*RACE CUTS AVAILABLE!!!, Mid & Low Forward cut-out of the front of the holster for quick speed drawing of the firearm

Light Molds Available

Streamlight TLR1 

Streamlight TLR2                            

Surefire X300                                     

Surefire x300 Ultra

Surefire x300 Ultra-B

Surefire x400 Ultra                          

Inforce APL
Inforce APL Gen 3
Inforce APL Compact

Stocked Colours.


Black Glossy                         

Coyote Brown


OD- Olive Drab


Tek-Lok                                      $15.00  

Paddle (1.75’)                            $10.00

Beltloop/Belt slide                      $10.00

RTI Hanger  (only)                     $18.00  

IWB clips (1.75’)                         $12.00 ea.
IWB Soft Loops  Kit                    $12.00 ea.
Knurled Head screws                 $3.00ea. 
Special Order Mounts

RTI Hanger Accessories
Duty Mount DOS Belt Slide

Safariland QLS/MLS kits, Drop leg panels, and other saf accessories (note holster requires molded saf hole pattern, please request when ordering holster with saf mounts)

Stocked Patterned kydex

(contact for availability)


      LE                   FG             AU


      Highlander      Nomad      Mandrake

      Typhon           Yeti            Altitude

      Raid                Neptune    Pontus


       Original          Black

* Other colours & patterns available upon request