Solely Canadian

Custom Kydex 

Premium Holsters

SolCan Premium concealment Holsters & Mag carriers, purpose built for extreme hard use and abuse in all conditions. Thickest built construction on the market. Available in Non-lighted and lighted (weapon mounted light). OWB (over the waistband, IWB (inside the waisband), and Molle capable, via OWB-loops IWB-loops/clips malice-clips molle-loks.

Level 2 Thumbreak versions available. 

Molds Available:

Pls inquire if you do not see your mold

Arsenal Strike 1
Beretta APX
Beretta 92 FS
Beretta M9A1/A3/Vertec
Beretta 92A1/96A1
Browning Hi Power
Canik TP9 SA/SF
Canik SFX 5"
CZ 75B                                               
CZ 75 SPO1 Phantom                       
CZ P-09
CZ P10 C
CZ P10 F
FN 509
FNX 45 Tactical
FNS 40 5"  
Glock 17/22/31
Glock 17 Gen5
Glock 19/23/32
Glock 19x/G19Gen5
Glock 20/21                                       
Glock 26/27/33                                 
Glock 34                                             
Glock 41
Glock 48
H&K USP 9mm/40 FS                     
H&K USP 9mm/40 Cmp                 
H&K USP 45 FS                                
H&K USP 45 Cmp                            
H&K P30
HK P30L (long slide)
HK45 FS                                             
HK45 Cmp                                         
Hudson H9
Jericho 941 (steel frame)
Ruger American                      
Ruger GP100
S&W – M&P 9mm/40 FS                
S&W – M&P 9mm/40 Cmp            
S&W – M&P PRO 9mm/40
S&W - M&P PRO 5"
S&W - M&P FS 2.0
S&W - M&P 5" 2.0
S&W – M&P 45 FS
S&W - 5906  
S&W - 5946
S&W - 3953/3954/3913                      
Sig P226R                                          
Sig P226                                             
Sig P226 Navy/MK 25/Combat        
Sig P220R                  
Sig P220                    
Sig P225
Sig P228
Sig P229R E2
Sig P239
Sig P320 FS (M17)                         
Sig P320 Compact (M18)
Sig 320 x5
Sig 1911 w/rail non Trad. Slide         
Springfield XDM 9mm/40sw
Steyr M9A1
SAM Thunderbolt/Seraphim Arch Angel  
STI Hawk 5.0                                     
Walther PPQ 9mm
Walther PPQ M2 5"   
Walther PPQ M2 45 acp     
Walther P99 9mm (Second Gen)
1911 Gov’t 5”                                    
1911 w/rail 5”
1911 FR DBL Stack  
Colt 1911 M45 A1
Non Lighted  Holster             $95.00
Lighted Holster                      $105.00
Double Magazine Carrier      $60.00

*Mount's NOT included in price
*LEO/Military Discounts Available *Taxes and shipping not included in the price and will be added on to  the invoice 

Colours & Patterns Available
-Coyote Brown 

-MULTICAM (check for availability) 

-CARBON Fiber (check or availability)
Coyote Brown
OD Green
Storm Grey
more colors available

-BASKET Weave 
Coyote Brown
OD Green
Storm Grey
more colors available
Belt Loops/Mounts

1.5" Loop Set                                    

1.75" Loop Set                                    

2" Loop Set                                        

IWB clips Set                                     

IWB Soft Loop Set                               
Malice clips Set                                   
Molle loks