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Custom Kydex 

Important Information


These warnings should be read prior to the use of Solely Canadian products.
By accepting the delivery of your Solely Canadian order, you acknowledge and agree to the following conditions:

It is your, the user’s responsibility to personally check for holster handgun compatibility using actual products. It is also your responsibility to regularly check the holster and its hardware for proper fit and function. Although Solely Canadian attempts to fit the most current model handguns, manufacturers of handguns constantly update their product specifications. Simple manufacturing changes in a handgun model can affect the proper and safe fit of your handgun and holster. Solely Canadian will not be responsible for such changes or for typographical or other human errors, which can and do occur despite conscientious efforts. In the case, that your holster becomes worn, loose, defective, or ill-fitting, cease use immediately and contact Solely Canadian for warranty coverage instructions. Solely Canadian accepts no responsibility or liability for accident or death due to their product. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the product is with the buyer. Should the product prove defective following its purchase, the buyer and not the manufacturer or retailer assumes the entire risk for any personal injury or death claims.

Care should be used when inserting or removing a handgun from your Solely Canadian Kydex holster. Never place a loaded handgun in a holster without first testing, in an unloaded condition, for proper fit with the handgun. Solely Canadian holsters are designed to fit factory equipped handguns. The use of trigger shoes or grip adapters, laser sights or any other alterations to the frame, or dimensions of the gun itself may cause improper holster fit and negligent discharge. All Solely Canadian Kydex holsters are designed and are made for the specific gun it is molded to. Solely Canadian Kydex holsters made for handguns with lights mounted must be used with that light mounted on gun to insure proper retention. Do not alter your Solely Canadian Kydex holster in any way, including accommodating a change made to your handgun. This could result in an unsafe fit for your handgun and possible negligent discharge.

It is the user’s responsibility to exercise extreme caution when handling or carrying any handgun and to assume at all times that the gun is loaded. Do not attempt to cock a handgun while it is in the holster. Cocking the handgun while holstered can cause damage to the holster, gun, or both and may cause negligent discharge.

You must be certain that your gun is securely seated in the holster each time you holster your firearm before removing your hand from the grip. Firearms must snugly fit in holsters to guard against accidental loss of the handgun. However, a snug fit may cause the slide to go out of battery when holstering. Therefore, you should always place your thumb on the back of the slide to insure that the slide does not go out of battery while holstering. Never place your hand in front of the firearm barrel while trying to holster or un-holster your firearm.

Always make sure your gun is fully seated in the holster. During vigorous physical activity, including running, you should not rely on your holster’s retention capabilities; the gun should be held in place with your hand to prevent the gun from falling out of the holster.

You must understand that Solely Canadian has no control over the firearm you use, the ammunition you carry and/or use of such item(s) in the firearm, the manner in which you use the firearm/ammunition/accessory, or in any modification that you make to the holster.  Therefore, Solely Canadian disclaims any and all liability for any damages, personal and/or to property, that may result from the use of this holster.

Solely Canadian will take no responsibility for any holster that you buy from a second party and all warranty will be void

Terms of Use

All products produced by Solely Canadian are made to order.

By accepting delivery of this Solely Canadian product(s), you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

Do not store your Solely Canadian products in temperatures exceeding 72 Celsius. DO NOT keep your holster/magazine carrier in a hot vehicle where temperatures do get very high and can cause the

product to lose retention abilities.

Your Solely Canadian product can be cleaned by simply rinsing with warm water. Use a mild soap if necessary. Then simply air dry or use compressed air. Kydex does not absorb or retain moisture.

You may use Silicon lubricant on the inside of your Holster/Magazine Carrier.

(We recommend “WD40 3in1 Specialist Silicone Spray”)

 You may lock tight the hardware (screws.) WE DO NOT DO THIS.


Because of the quality of our Kydex products, we are proud to offer a no questions asked defective holster replacement warranty. The Solely Canadian product warranty is void if the product has not been used according to the Terms of Use. Normal finish wear on the eyelets, and screws is to be expected. We reserve the right to deny any replacement if the product shows signs of blatant abuse.

To receive your replacement product, simply contact us, and we will decide if the defective product needs to be returned or if we will just ship you out a new replacement.

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